Eliot Kid

Enter into the turbulent world of an incredibly inventive little kid.

104 x 13’ | HD Flash | Kids 6-9 years old
Synopsis How do kids interpret what grownups are saying? How do they feel about certain daily events, films they see or simply the environment, the world they live in every day?
Our series is going to reveal this fantastic and magical world, as it is seen through the eyes of Eliot, a little kid with a mind-boggling imagination.
Key Facts • Commissioned by TF1, BBC and DISNEY
• Best Ratings in France (TF1 has broadcast 10 times the TV-show since 2008), in UK (CBBC), in Australia (ABC) and in Brazil.
• Nominee as Best Animated Series by Bafta's Awards in 2008
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Production Partners Safari de Ville, Samka
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Eliot Kid
Eliot Kid
Eliot Kid
Eliot Kid
Eliot Kid
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